LPMS-IG1P RS485: 9-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) / AHRS and GPS receiver with USB / RS485 Connectivity

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The LP-RESEARCH Motion Sensor LPMS-IG1P RS485 is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) / attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) with built-in GPS receiver in an IP67-rated enclosure (waterproof).

The unit is very versatile, performing accurate, high-speed orientation measurements. The output of three separate low-noise single-axis gyroscopes is fused with three-axis accelerometer and magnetometer data to achieve low-drift, low-latency 3D orientation information.

As the low-noise gyroscopes only support angular rates up to 400dps, we integrated an additional gyroscope for rates up to 2000dps with the device. Users can select which gyroscope they would like to use as orientation data source.

For more information on our sensor fusion method please refer to the IMUcore description. Wer offer customized algorithms for using LPMS-IG1P as dead reckoning sensor for AGV and automotive applications using a fusion of IMU, GPS and vehicle odomotery data.

All sensor parameters and data transmission options can be controlled by our IG1-Control software. For direct interfacing to Windows / Linux PC or embedded system we provide extensive library support.

NOTE: LPMS-IG1P RS485 connects to a host via USB communication and RS485 connection.

See the LPMS-IG1 RS485 product pages at LP-RESEARCH for more detailed information.


1 x LPMS-IG1P RS485 sensor
2 x Waterproof cables
1 x GPS antenna
1 x User guide card
1 x Warranty service (1 year)