LPMS-NAV3 RS485: Motion Sensor for Navigation Water Proof Housing with RS485 Interface

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LPMS-NAV3 is a 6 axis, high performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) with with an RS232/TTL/RS422/RS485 communication interfaces. The sensor uses a combination of 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope and an additional high-accuracy single axis gyroscope to calculate accurate relative heading information. We created this unit especially with automotive, mobile robotics and automatic guided vehicle (AGV) application cases in mind.

The sensor is contained in a rugged, IP67-rated aluminum enclosure.

Particularly, The part number LPMS-NAV3 RS485 communicates with host systems via RS485 connection.

See the LPMS-NAV3 RS4852 product pages at LP-RESEARCH for more detailed information.


1 x LPMS-NAV3 RS485 sensor
1 x Cable
1 x User guide card
1 x Warranty service (1 year)

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